Premier Student Accommodation provides the best accommodation and facilities for all our tenants. We pride ourselves on the excellent service that we provide to our clients whether they are students who are looking for the best accommodation or holiday makers who prefer convenient yet affordable accommodation with all the best facilities. We aim to ensure that your stay is an unforgettable one.


  • Res accommodation for students
  • Accommodation for holiday makers and business delegates
  • State of the art facilities
  • Passionate and qualified staff on board to assist our clients
  • Security measures to ensure the safety of our clients


We provide the most quality accommodation for our tenants. Out state of the art facilities are there to make the living experience much easier for our clients. This is also communicated through the various unique services that we offer at our various residences. Quality is an aspect we never compromise on. We ensure that you receive value for money that you deserve


Being the accommodation of choice for students and holiday makers is what we are about. We ensure a pleasurable experience for your stay with us.

We have a qualified team of resident managers who are there to assist with any needs that you have during your stay. They are trained to assist you with any enquiries that you have during your stay

Our Values

Our core value is bringing the ultimate service to its tenants. We are also honest and transparent in our daily activities as a preferred choice of accommodation in Port Elizabeth.

As a tenant at one of our residents your safety will be guaranteed through the safety team that we have in place alongside other teams which fulfill different needs for our clients