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All Frequently Asked Questions

Can my lease be extended after 30 November?

All tenants are to vacate their allocated residence no later than 30 November. The only exception will be if prior arrangements have been made and confirmed with the Premier Student Accomodation administration office. This arrangement must be made in writing. Besides this no tenant will be allowed to occupy their room longer than the leased period.

Can I prematurely terminate my contract? Will I be liable to pay a penalty for cancelling it prematurely?

Lessee may terminate their Lease Agreement with the Lessor with no cost to the Lessee if they have provided one months’s notice and this must not fall between the end of a semester. The student must also have a replacement ready to take their place at the specific residence.

Can I arrive a few days earlier than the initial move-in date?

First years are allowed to stay for the orientation week in January. A fee of R150/per day is charged for all senior students that arrive before the 1st of February

Would I be allowed to stay during the June recess period?

Yes, the Lease is for the full academic year.

How can I make payment for my accommodation fees?

Payments can be made into our bank account which is:

Direct Bank Deposit
Account Holder: Premier Student Accommodation (PTY) Ltd
Branch Code: 198-765
Account No: 1098262522
Reference: Student Number

How can I pay my accommodation fees?

Payments can be deposited into the below account
Direct Bank Deposit
Account Holder: Premier Student Accommodation (PTY) Ltd
Branch Code: 198-765
Account No: 1098262522
Reference: Student Number

What are the accommodation fees for 2018?

Single Room R3 350,00
Single En-Suite R3 350,00
Two Sharing R2 750,00
Two sharing En-Suite R3 150,00
Three sharing R2 500,00
Three sharing En-Suite R2 750,00

Will I be able to have pets in my room?

No! Pets are strictly forbidden.

Do you guys have laundry facilities?

Yes, each residence has laundry facilities.

Can I have a guest to stay?

Prior arrangements can be made for visitors to be accommodated in our buildings at a cost of R150.00 per visitor per night payable upfront.

Can you smoke in the residences?

The building is a smoke free building. Smoking, drinking or the taking of drugs is strictly prohibited within your room and in the common areas of the building.

What is provided in each room?

Each room has a mattress and bed, either a free standing or built in wardrobe, a study desk, chair, a lamp and shelve.

What is the size of the beds?

All residences have single beds.

If I bring my car, will I have parking space?

Most of our residences do have parking space.

Can I bring a bicycle?

Yes bicycles are allowed.

Can I bring my own fridge?

Yes a bar fridge is allowed.

Can I bring my own toaster/kettle etc.

You are advised NOT to bring your own personal toaster or kettle. As the overloading of power circuits may result in a fire risk. Students are prohibited from using all high powered electrical equipment in the rooms e.g. heaters, kettles, irons, electric blankets, toasters, microwaves, electric rings, and cooking apparatus.

What about other electrical equipment such as laptops, phone chargers, hairdryers, hair straighteners, etc?

Personal electrical equipment used, including connecting leads, must be serviceable and in a safe condition.
The Residence Manager has the right to refuse use of (and, if necessary, remove from the room) any piece of electrical equipment within the residence.

Do we have to bring pots / pans / cutlery?

Currently all our residences are self – catering, stoves, fridges and microwaves are available in the kitchens.

Is bed linen provided?

Bedding (duvet, pillows, sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases) are not provided. You will need to bring your own.

What happens if I don't get along with my roommate?

University life may at first appear very different to your previous living environment. However, within a few weeks most students find they have settled in and are enjoying the new life. Residence leaders take responsibility for encouraging a sense of community within each residence and are experienced at working sensitively with students on a wide range of issues. If you are experiencing any difficulties it is important that you first try to resolve any issues by talking to a member of the house committee, they can then liaise with residence managers directly if your situation is urgent.

Who do I go to if I have a question?

Information on who to contact can be found with the student leaders.
If you have a question regarding the facilities in your room or residence, please speak to the Residence Manager.
If you have a question relating to your contract and payments, please contact the administration office.

I have a specific religious requirement regarding accommodation who should I notify?

If you have any specific religious requirements regarding your accommodation allocation we encourage you to contact your residence manager.