6 Jul

How to survive the first year of living outside of home

The first year of leaving home and living in a different city can be very daunting for a first-year student or even when you are visiting another city. This is why we at Premier Student Accommodation make it our mission to ensure that our tenants are made to feel comfortable when they move into any of our residences. We fully understand the anxiety that they feel. That is why we have come with the following 4 tips for everyone who is staying at our residences on how they can make the most of their stay.

Tip 1: Be open to making new friends

Whether you are a first-year student or visiting Port Elizabeth for the first time, you need to be able to open yourself up to making new friends. In the case of holiday makers staying in the same residence then there are chances that you are all visiting the city for similar reasons. That would be a great way to start a conversation.

Tip 2: Be very careful about your belongings

We have a 24-hour security staff on hand to assist you with any query that you have but it’s always responsible to practice caution as to who you let in your room. If you notice any suspicious activities feel free to contact our security officials.

Tip 3: Practice hygiene in the showers

This may sound obvious but practicing clean hygiene in the showers is very important when you are living in a residence whether you are a student or a holiday maker. You need to always ensure that you practice clean hygiene such as wearing flip-flops when entering the shower and other measures.

Tip 4: Have fun

Being in a new city opens up many possibilities such as making lifelong friends. This is a chance for you to make your most of your stay at the Premier Student Accommodation by learning to be independent.

We hope the following tips will come in handy when you are considering staying at one of our residences.