12 Oct

Mr & Miss PSA 2018

Pageants promote self-confidence, leadership, poise, and strong public speaking skills just to name a few benefits. Being crowned a queen/king in amongst your peers is an opportunity for a young woman/ man to be a role model to his/her community and most importantly to younger man and woman, to increase self-confidence and to improve public speaking skills. Pageants give all of the contestants a chance to learn about themselves and to branch out of their comfort zones to better themselves.

Mr & Miss PSA is an event that is hosted annually and has been running for 3 years. This event is one of the biggest events that PSA hosts of which the aim behind it is to send out a message as we have different themes each year that usually have a message behind them. PSA wants to reinvent the wheel of pageants where it is not only about beauty but teaching young ladies and man to embrace their uniqueness, teaching the spirit of Ubuntu and giving the students an opportunity to be ambassadors.