6 Jul

Tips to make the most of the most of your academic year

As a student, the university workload can sometimes be daunting especially as a first-year student. When you are living away from home it can be daunting as there is no adult supervision but we have the following four tips to make sure you will excel at your studies.

Tip 1: Make summaries during lectures

During your lectures it would be very helpful to make notes. These notes will assist you when you are studying or when you are completing your assignments which will be based on the content that is covered in class.

Tip 2:  Balance work and an active social life

We have all heard the saying that all work and no play is boring’. This is quite true even in the case of being a student. You must be able to balance your books with maintaining a minimum social life. We are not saying that go out every weekend but if you drown yourself in university work you might feel a level of frustration especially when your peers are enjoying their time at university. Your studies must always come first but always try and find a balance between the two.

Tip 3 Join a study group

This might not work for others but it can be very useful to join a study group. The benefit of this is that there might be a portion of the work that is covered in class that you mind not understand that your peers understand so they will be able to assist you when you are part of a study group.

Tip 4 Study in advance and never procrastinate

We are all tempted to procrastinate from time to time especially when it comes to submitting an assignment or preparing for exams. This is very dangerous but it is most common. The best thing to do would be to make a study schedule that would help you cover all the necessary work that will be asked in the exam. This should be done preferably a month or two months before the exams.